The Campaign

When We Started:

Jabbie's Fundraising Campaign has just started, but developing the app has been in the making since 2016! Follow our journey to see how far we've come.

Our Investment & Impending Costs:

We initially entered into this project believing we could fund it ourselves, but after receiving the quote of $50,000 - $65,000 to get the app built, we knew we would need some help. Deciding not to wait around, we invested $11,000 of our own money to create an app demo that includes the “architecture” (the general structure, look, feel and functionality) of the app. This is a tool we now use to present to potential investors in hopes of making Jabbie a reality.

The Next Steps Toward Success:

Now that we created a demo version of the app, we thought it would be a great idea to let the public know what we were doing (plus it is pretty hard to keep such a great secret for 3 years)! We would like to spread the word that fitness does not have to be done one way. To us, Jabbie is not just another fitness app on the market. Rather, it is a tool that helps to foster support and bring people with different fitness levels and aspirations together on one platform. This is about community and solidarity. Social justice and reform.

Follow the Money!

As a sign of commitment to transparency, we have implemented a fundraising tracker to show how much we are collecting from those who donate or invest. This will be updated regularly with additional details sent through our Golden Troupe newsletter.

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