Creating A Social Justice Fitness Platform

Whether it’s running, walking, lifting weights, or riding bikes, fitness standards have been draped in ableism and often classism, leaving marginalized groups yearning for a social justice fitness platform that addresses their needs. Add additional structural barriers like racism, sexism and fatphobia to these matters and things go from bad to worse quickly, as Black and Brown bodies are more likely to be harassed in public or in professional fitness centers, women face their own type of harassment navigating gyms and working out in public, and people who possess larger bodies run the risk of being ridiculed simply for being active.

Jabbie is Both Political & Personal

As founders whose identities intersect with one or more of these issues, we created Jabbie with these barriers in mind, seeking to broaden the idea of fitness to encapsulate activities not typically seen on fitness apps AND provide a platform for users to create a personalized support system for their fitness needs. We want to leave room for individuals to set their body movement goals, reflecting what they can and WANT to do.

Jabbie is a space where support is present, enabling users to link up with one another and do fitness together or simply send personalized messages of encouragement when someone in their troupe needs it. It also removes the pressure often associated with fitness by way of weight loss and calorie counting, because weight loss is not required to be fit! 

In short, we want Jabbie to be the app and social justice fitness platform where communities and body movement can thrive together without the overbearing pressure of diet culture.  Jabbie is the go-to fitness app for EVERYONE. No special equipment needed.