The Benefits of a Good Support System

We all like to exercise and work out for different reasons. Whatever your fitness goals and objectives may be, it’s important to remember that having the right support and resources available to you will make your life so much easier. Having support is great and it also helps when our support system can keep us accountable. Combine these two elements together and your fitness journey is bound to be enjoyable while producing the outcomes you'd like to see. Here’s a look at how accountability and support in the fitness community can lead to success.

Accountability through support leads to success – Having the right support serves you in two ways, one being through accountability. When those around you are dedicated to seeing you reach the goal you set, they will be there to encourage you, helping to keep you on track. They will be your cheerleaders, celebrating your victories no matter the size.

Accountability through support keeps you focused – There's nothing like having an encouraging time keeper when you have 30 seconds left in a circuit or 5 more reps until you can take a rest! Just hearing someone say, "You got just 5 more!" does the job of keeping you focused on the end goal and completing the tasks you place before you. Having the RIGHT support system for times like these not only keep you focused, but they keep you focused in the right way, knowing just what to say and do to keep you motivated. Maybe they use jokes. Maybe they yell like a coach on a football field. What's important is that it's tailored to your needs. Your support system knows that and as a result, you have that little extra "umph" to keep showing up.

Support helps you when you’re low – It’s important to understand that our “fitness journeys” are really life journeys. They will change based on your needs and desires, and there is no requirement that they be a certain way. As life changes, you will also find that your need for support will change also. Whether you have support with you in the flesh, or online behind a phone or computer screen, the people involved are there to help you by offering useful advice and motivation. In return, you get to do the same for them. Together, you make a team (or troupe) helping to raise each other up making your journey worthwhile, and in the end, that’s all that truly matters.

Here at Jabbie, we want to emphasize the importance of support in a healthy way that produces wanted results for those involved. Through the app, we want you to set your own targets and interact with other users of your choice with this in mind.

If you believe in the vision we have in place, we encourage you to donate or simply share with others the work we are setting out to do. Even we are in need of support and would be overjoyed to have you standing beside us in this endeavor. Your donation, no matter how small or large, will help make Jabbie a reality. Let’s be a part of the change we want to see!