Welcome to the new wave changing how fitness is done! Jabbie is the app redefining fitness standards and providing support that encourages you to move your body in your OWN way.

With Jabbie you can:

  • Set ​your own fitness goals and milestones
  • Receive personal support and​ encouragement from “Jabbie” our interactive workout buddy
  • Personalize your own "Jabbie Troupe" of support
  • Schedule work outs/regimens and check-in to fitness centers alone or with Troupe members
  • Send and receive personalized encouragements
  • Rack up points to unlock app features like enhanced encouragements and app skins!

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For your donation of $20 or more receive a Jabbie fitness towel and a personalized thank you note from founders, Joy and Bunmi!

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About the Founders:

Fitness community app

Dr. Joy Cox is a body and social justice advocate using her skill set in research and leadership to foster social change through the promotion of diversity and inclusion initiatives. With over 7 years of experience, she has used her platform to amplify the voices of those most marginalized in society, bringing attention to matters of intersectionality addressing race, body size, accessibility, and "health." In teaching, she inspires students to find their voice and confidently share ideas, making learning fun and empowering. In speaking, she is the voice of an over comer, looking to propel others into a place of success fueled by their own skills. She is a mover and shaker, undeterred by obstacles and fueled by hope believing that fitness is not determined by size or any other factor that removes agency from individuals.

Bunmi Alo is an all-star entrepreneur with a background in business and software development. Immigrating to the United States from Nigeria in 2009, Bunmi uses the principles of community building, love for self, and love for the African diaspora to create unification endeavors that both serve and esteem the Black community. Bunmi has spent the last five years heavily involved in fitness, witnessing the diverse abilities of bodies irrespective of their outward appearance. He is an avid football (soccer) player who enjoys physical movement that can take place in and outside of the gym. In this same vein, Bunmi strives to educate others, exposing the indoctrination of diet culture and European beauty ideals that promote unrealistic and unattainable goals. For Bunmi, fitness is a goal set by the individual. It can be fun. It can be different. And it should definitely be with friends!

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